A website is important to all business, even to the book vendors, but most people don’t know why. It is important to have your website to sell your books. Not only does having your website build your customers’ trust and confidence, but it also does some other important things which I would give below.

Read on.

  1. More control. It is your website, so you have total control over it. You might think selling from online bookstore doesn’t cost you much, and it is better, but when talking about control, I would advise you to get a website. What’s more? When you have a website, it is easier for you connect it with your social media and gain more customers. We all know that social media is a big marketing tool. If you have a website, you can connect your website to your social media and refer people from your social media to your website, don’t you think that is a very good idea.
  2. Space on the internet. The internet is the bed rock of all online activities (buying, selling, reading, streaming and so on) if you have a space on the internet, that is a win in any book. Studies show that the internet is the first place most shoppers go to find different information about different products. If you have a website, you already have a powerful online marketing tool as it would allow you take total advantage of the internet which would lead to more sales.
  3. More profit per sale. If you are selling to online book stores, you might not gain more profit as you should. But when you sell books from your website, you gain more profit. Although, online bookstores would expose you to lots of customers, if you do your website well, you can make a tangible amount of money.
  4. More control over pricing. If you are selling through online bookstores, you can’t have control over price. But when you are selling from your website, you would have total control over price. What’s more? You would also have control over changes in royalty share by eBook sellers. When you have your website, you would be able to avoid any price changes.
  5. Total audience coverage. Yes, your website gives you full audience coverage. The fact is that not everyone is on social media, but if your website is well-optimized, it can extend your reach online.