Amazon vs Facebook Ads for boosting online book sales

Investing in an advertisement for your self-published eBook can definitely increase the chances of reaching the target audience. However, not every type of ad promises the same ROI – return on investment. There are many book authors who are wondering what kind of paid advertising is best for them. Many of them are evaluating the results provided by Amazon and Facebook ads.

Amazon is book ad friendly platform

A few months ago, KDP select book authors were the only category of users on Amazon that could use paid advertisement on their platform. However, a few weeks ago, Amazon has decided to allow everyone to sell their eBooks or physical books with their help. According to many experts, this is an excellent chance for every book seller and a nice way to boost your selling eBooks online business venture. Investing in an ad on Amazon can bring many benefits and instant exposure to the target audience is one of these benefits.

Targeted PPC advertising model

The fact is that there are two basic types of advertisements provided by Amazon – product display ads and sponsored products ads. In both cases, we are talking about Pay-Per-Click or PPC options. This means that you can select the amount of money you are willing to pay for every click your ad gets. Product display ads are excellent for those looking to get ads on other book pages. On the other hand, sponsored product ads are related to the keywords you choose and as the name suggests, they appear on product pages related to the keywords.

Put yourself in the position of your readers

The Amazon ad you select will help you reach your readers who are genuinely interested in your product. However, it would be much better if you are able to select the best kind of ad and to choose when it will show and how long it will show up. Take some time to think like your readers. Put yourself in their shoes. For instance, think about the period of the day when your target audience will probably use Amazon to look for books. Choose a cover design or a photo that is attractive.

Facebook has millions of active users

Facebook ads are using the same PPC system. The cost per each click goes up when you filter target audience. Displaying your book ad to millions of people is exciting, but do you know how many of them are genuinely interested in clicking the ad, learning more and eventually, buying the book? If you want to select the right target audience through Facebook ads, you should practice this for a while. Think about using different ads for different groups. It is crucial to track and analyze the results of each campaign. Once again, the main objective is to create the best presentation that will make you stand out.

Amazon or Facebook ads?

Is it possible to compare these two options? Is Amazon better for selling eBooks and books in general? The answer depends on a few factors. To start with, these platforms are reaching visitors in different ways. The reason why people are visiting Amazon is to buy things. On the other hand, Facebook’s primary role is to provide smooth social interaction. There are many people who will find your Facebook ad attractive, but they won’t click on it because they are not on that website for shopping in the first place. In order to find out what works the best for you, it is a smart idea to invest in both options and analyze the results.

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